How to Order



How to Pay:


Please read the section of QUESTIONS before making the order. We only accept Paypal payment in USD. Please send an email to us at , tell us your full name, mailing address and phone number for FedEx.



The product goes like this, from factory to distributor to retailer to customers, we are a retailer in this line, not the factory. We must order the products from the distributor (if we are out of stock). To ensure the quality of fresh product we cannot order big quantity from the distributor and keep in our store in large stock. So if you order the product you may receive it in 10-15 days (if we have in stock) or in 30 days (if we have to order from distributor), depending on the situation, that is not totally under our control since the distributor may delay the delivery for reasons.

Please note that in the regular in-store sales one box filled with 2 pieces of plaster, so if you order 30 pieces that means 15 boxes, if we deliver 15 boxes to you the delivery fee from China to your home country will be about $250 instead of $100, because those boxes take big size and will be heavily over charged by FedEx/DHL. It does not make any sense to waste money on delivering all those boxes, so when we mail you the product we take the medical plasters out from the boxes, put all the plasters into one big plastic bag with slider zipper. In addition, you have the possibility to be asked to pay extra customs duty also be called tariff. In addition, you have less than 2% of chance to be asked to pay extra customs duty (tariff). Customs in the airport randomly draw and exam, you may not be asked to pay the extra customs duty even if your package was checked, but sometimes you will, upon its determination. If this happens, don’t argue with them, just pay the extra 3%, they have the right to confiscate any goods in their hands if not paid.

Refund Policy:

Our product has over 97% effectiveness, you can try for 2-3 weeks, if you decide not to continue use our product after the first 2-3 weeks, return the unused one, we will refund you proportionally. However, if you can’t use it due to the rare skin allergy we will fully refund your money.