How It Works




Before we talk about how it works, let’s first exam why Western medicine (modern medicine) performed badly when dealing with the arthritis. By statistics, Western medicine can only achieve 20% - 40% remission, remission means to slow down or stop the progression of arthritis, but in most cases you still feel the pain, stiffness and swelling, are you satisfied with such a condition? ( source )


“Yet some patients who achieve remission struggle to sustain it, research shows. In a 2012 study published in Arthritis Research & Therapy, doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston tracked the progress of 394 RA patients from the time their disease went into remission. A year later, half of the patients had relapsed at some point.”  ( source )


In addition, achieving 40% remission means that for 60% of patients their situations are out of the control and go further deterioration, their quality of life diminished and the damage to the joints will become more serious as the time goes by, leading to joint deformation, destruction, and a total disability, patients will be constrained to the bed until the end of life. The average life span is 9 years shorter for those with advanced RA, it may even affect your lung or other organs.

In view of this situation patients were educated (or brainwashed) the first day they meet their doctor that there is no cure for arthritis and you have to live with it, endure the pain, stiffness, swelling, and suffer. With the treatment of western medicine there is 70% of chance that patients' conditions will be developed and deteriorated into the worst case scenario. However, there is a cure before it has developed into advanced stage, if you can go with the right approach.


But why did the western medicine perform so badly on arthritis treatment? Here is why. When you swallow pills, they first melt in your stomach, and then, through the digestive system, go into the blood system, liver and kidneys, the liver and kidneys treat the drug as a toxic substance and try to excrete the drug through the urine through filtration, drug ingredients are also being eliminated with the faeces through intestines. Liver and kidneys at the same time are also damaged to some extent in the process of treatment lasting for months or years.


Approximately 90% of the drug ingredients are excreted through the urine and faeces. The rest 10% remains in the blood system and transmitted to the whole body through capillaries, the fine branching blood vessels.


If we roughly divide a person's body evenly into 100 parts by weight, one part (1%) is your diseased joints, which means that theoretically one-thousandth of the dose of the drug you have swallowed reaches your joint area (0.1%=1/1000 = 1% x 10% ) .


Drug needs to be transmitted mainly through blood system, but both the bone surface and cartilage have no capillaries (the fine branching blood vessels), consequently it is essentially unable for drugs to enter the bone-surface layer and go inside the cartilage by way of blood system, drug concentration on the bone surface and cartilage is at least 10 times lower (10%), if not 100 times lower (1%), than the drug concentration in surrounding muscle in your joint. This means that less than one-ten-thousandths of the drug ingredients (1/10,000 = 10% x 0.1%), or even less than one-hundred-thousandth (1/100,000 = 1% x 0.1%), can actually reach the bone-surface layer and goes inside the cartilage when you swallow pills. Please click here for a schematic diagram.


The above clearly explains why Western medicine (modern medicine) is a complete failure in the treatment of arthritis and it is simply impossible to cure arthritis if effective medicine ingredients cannot be delivered to bone-surface and cartilage. If you can’t reach it you can’t fix it. It is a pity that Western medicine is still on the wrong path as of today. If the method is wrong, it is impossible to achieve a good result. This is the Western medicine's predicament in the face of arthritis today.



Broadly speaking, Western Medicine (modern medicine) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (experimental medicine) carry out the same research work, looking for suitable chemicals remedies to treat the disease. Western medicine does the configuration of these chemicals in the biological laboratories while Traditional Chinese medicine configure/extract these substances from the gifts of mother nature (roots, flowers, honey,…, ants, snakes, the bones of “unicorns”,…, mercury, arsenic trioxide …etc.). For the past 2000 years the very extensive, tedious, and painstaking research has been conducted and documented by the Chinese to test the medical usage of everything available in the nature environment, they invented the “gunpowder” (it is called fire powder in China – for fireworks) when searching for the potion of immortality around 9th century. (source)


For many reasons (politically, economically and technically) Chinese medicine are not acknowledged in the western countries.


Politically, for decades nobody in the mainstream medical science institutions in the western countries wanted to promote a medicine treatment originally from the “Red China” due to holding the different ideologies between China and “freedom world”, it may jeopardize one’s career if he attempted to do so.

Economically, big drug corporations have no mood to bring in an outside competitor and promote a highly efficient treatment to the large “arthritis market” that they are in control with their totally failed mainstream oral pills. Western pharmaceutical companies will use all the means to stop the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from entering into the western drug's "territory”.


Technically, to make a delicious mushroom chicken soup is easy (it is not easy actually), to analyze the chemical composition inside the mushroom chicken soup and to explain why it is delicious are way more difficult. Chinese medicine researchers are supposed to identify and explain why such a complicated chemical composition originally from mother nature works, they are expected to use modern scientific methods to clarify their principles on pharmacological studies so that they can meet the contemporary medical assessment standards, these kinds of daunting works have not yet been done at large. Hence the TCM (experimental medicine) is not adopted by western academic field.




However, these years things are changing and moving toward the positive direction regarding the traditional Chinese medicine. An illustration above described Ms Tu's work displayed during the press conference announcing the winners of the Nobel Medicine Prize 2015. After sifting through thousands of different folk remedies, she finally unearthed a 1,600-year-old recipe using sweet wormwood that formed the basis for the most effective treatments ever discovered, a major breakthrough in global fight against malaria, saving hundreds of millions of life, although it was not approved by FDA for 40 years. (source)



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be broadly divided into three categories, priming, adjuvant and the main drug. The first category is the drug primer, which itself has no medical effect, but can cause the chemical reaction of other chemical components, it is similar to the catalyst. The second category is the adjuvant, which can help the delivery of the primary drug to reach the lesion, improve the therapeutic effect of the primary drug (enhance the action of the principal ingredient), as well as eliminate the negative effects of the primary drug. The third category is the main drug, which plays a leading role in the treatment of the disease, the main drug can have only a single goal, or can have multiple goals.

The ideal method to treat arthritis should meet the following three conditions simultaneously

1) Effectively deliver medicine to (go inside) the cartilage and bone surface, and keep the joint under high drug concentration all the time.

2) Do not cause any potential harm to the body, avoiding depression, osteoporosis, liver and kidney failure, stomach bleeding, stroke, etc.

3) The drug ingredients should have the following functions: extract liquid trapped around the joint to eliminate the stiffness and swelling, passivate bone spurs, enhance the micro circulation, nourish and regrow the bone, the cartilage and surrounding tissues, and adjust the immune system.

Our product contains 56 plant ingredients, here due to the limited space we can only give a few examples, their names and their medical functions. Semen Impatientis, Angelica dahurica, Daemonorops margaritae (Hance) Becc, Ligusticum striatum, Clematis chinensis osbeck, Honey on special flowers.

a) Semen Impatientis, In the past, when the meat bones were boiled for soup, the Chinese chef added Semen Impatientis to the pot to help soften the bones and cartilage, shorten the cooking time and save the firewood. Semen Impatientis is an adjuvant, by softening the bones and cartilage it allows other drug ingredients to be able to penetrate directly into the bones and cartilage for maximum effectiveness.

b) Angelica dahurica: Qufeng (means “drive the wind out”, when people sweat the “moist air” move out of the skin, however, in some situations the “moist air” moves opposite and trapped into the joints and underneath the skin, causing persist pain, this is called, in TCM term, catch the wind, by the way, cupping can also draw the wind out), reduce dampness, swelling, and pain.

c) Daemonorops margaritae (Hance) Becc: For the treatment (draw) of swollen poison (trapped tissue fluid), anti-inflammatory, adjustment of immune system (disorder).

d) Ligusticum striatum: Regrow and rejuvenating of bone and cartilage

e) Clematis chinensis osbeck: Clean the meridians (in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, meridians are a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy (Qi) is said to flow, there are such pathways associated with specific organs and joints). Effectively improve of brittle bone. In the modern clinical practice of its new uses continue to be found, such as the treatment (dissolving) of gallstones and remove the calcaneus spurs.

f) Ligusticum wallichii: Commonly used in promoting blood circulation, expelling wind and relieving pain, suitable for various diseases of blood stasis block.

g) Honey on special selected flowers: As an adjuvant honey is used to maintain the physical properties of the plaster and keep ingredients fresh, active, anti-allergy.

These 56 plant ingredients, which were sifted from thousands of candidate’s plants, formed the STRONGEST cure-arthritis agent in this planet. If you do not respond to some of the ingredients, you will still react to the other ingredients, this is why that this product can achieve very high effectiveness. Now we have the Chinese medical plaster with following features simultaneously.

1) Since we use “heavy-duty” Chinese medical plaster instead of oral pills, we can deliver the drug ingredients directly onto the damaged cartilage, and marinate joints with extremely high drug concentration, not needing to go through the blood system all the way around.

2) Since we don’t ask patient eat anything, there will be no toxic chemical going through your stomach, digestive system, liver, kidneys and whole body blood system. Therefore, there is no harm or damage to your organs or immune system.

3) The drug ingredients can penetrate into the bone and cartilage, extract liquid trapped around the joint to eliminate the stiffness and swelling, passivate bone spurs, enhance the micro circulation, nourish and regrow the bone, the cartilage and surrounding tissues, and adjust the immune system.

As you can see we have achieved all the three above listed targets 1), 2) and 3), this product, with the over 97% of effectiveness, will CURE your arthritis once for all.

300 years' sifting & refining, based on 2000 years documented experience

56 plants ingredients with no animal elements, except honey.

Active agent from modern technology extraction

Each plaster contains 7 g medicine

Leading treatment for various types of bone and joint diseases

Non-prescription medicial plaster
, safe to your liver, kidneys, and whole body system; no osteoporosis, stomach bleeding or stroke...... etc.

No swallowing of oral pills that have  all kinds of side effects.

Strong penetration and continue delivery of drug ingredients

No extremely painful needle injections.

Avoid the joint surgery

Extract tissue fluid trapped in joints to eliminate the stiffness and swelling

Passivate bone spurs, enhance the micro circulation


Nourish and regrow the bone, the cartilage and surrounding tissues

For finger joint, cut the plaster in half

Use band-aid to help positioning

Works on all the joint diseases, from cervical spondylosis (neck arthrithis)

 to lumbar herniated disc (back pain)

Tip: wash your feet with used medical plaster ingredients to improve micro circulation and cure athlete's foot.